How to be Energetic

People are often curious to know how to be energetic or to be more energetic indeed. Many people get tired after returning from their work or they are often tired to resume their work in the morning.

It is very important to stay energized to improve your work performance. You can be energetic in many ways but it is all necessary to understand why most people lose energy.

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How do we lose energy?

Scientific reason: Cells present in the human body require energy to function. This energy is obtained by respiration. The cells use glucose and oxygen to form energy, water and carbon dioxide. Blood carries oxygen, glucose and other materials to cells. If cells are vigorously used, they use all the material provided by the blood. After sufficient rest the cells get materials from the blood again, functions more and get less tired.

Why is it necessary to be energetic?

Being energetic physically is not enough, for better performance in your work or daily chores it is necessary to be mentally energetic as well. Lack of energy can result in lack of productivity. For maintaining a healthy career and a healthy relationship it is important to be energetic.

How to be energetic?

As mentioned above, you have landed at the right place; here are some ways which would surely help you to be energetic throughout the day.

(Note: If it is not possible for you to follow everything given in the list below, follow some of them which will suit you and your schedule)

1.     Daily Morning Exercise

Daily morning exercise and yoga helps in physical and mental fitness. If you can’t head out for a gym daily, you should exercise at home. Performing daily yoga will keep you healthy and energetic. You can also perform some cardiovascular and flexibility exercises in order to stay energized. Some of the recommended cardiovascular exercises are running, swimming, step aerobics and bicycling.

2.     Get enough sleep

Research shows that an adequate sleep may help you to succeed in your tasks and enjoy a greater well-being. The average amount of sleep for an individual depends upon his body. As recommended by experts, sleep needs categorized differently as:

Infants – 16 hours a day

Young children – 10 to 14 hours a day

Teenagers – 9 hours a day

Pregnant women – several extra hours a day in the first trimester

Adults – 7 to 9 hours a day

It would be more helpful if you have a power nap of 10-15 minutes in the afternoon.

3.     Consume healthy food

Consuming healthy food helps in many ways such as prevention of diseases, proper functioning of body and maintaining a healthy life. The energy provided by food calories helps in many body functions. According to Medline Plus, food containing an equal amount of calories and nutrients are ideal for a balanced diet. You should avoid eating junk food due to its harmful secondary effects. So just eat healthy – stay healthy – be energetic.

4.     Drink water and natural fruit juices

For your body to function properly, you must replenish its water supply by consuming water and beverages that contain water. The amount of water to be consumed daily depends on many factors such as weather, daily body exercise, weight, etc. The Institute of Medicine determined that an average adequate intake of water for men is 3-3.5 liters/day and for women it is 2-2.2 liters/day (exceptional for pregnant women).

5.     Listening music

This is a good way to keep you energetic; listening to music can surely energize your body. Listen to high-energy music whenever you feel tired.

6.     Stay motivated

Motivation often keeps you connected with you work. Motivate yourself by positive thinking and gaining a can-do spirit. Motivation can help you in better performance in you work. You can also keep yourself motivated by listening to motivational CD’s or reading motivational books.

7.     Schedule your daily activities

Scheduling your daily activities like eating, sleeping, etc. can surely help you to stay energetic throughout the day. You should keep your sleeping and working time fixed throughout the week. You should not make any compromises for sleep on weekends and other holidays. Eating at a same time regularly also helps to be energetic.

8.     Maintain a healthy environment

Maintain a healthy environment in your office as well as home. You should keep your home and workplace clean and properly managed. You should feel fresh when you enter your office or home. If possible you should wear bright clothes which world keep you energized. Spraying a room freshener of mild fragrance would also be helpful.

9.     Maintain your blood pressure.

In order to reduce the risk of your heart and to be energetic, you should maintain your blood pressure. Frequent visits to a doctor for a blood pressure check will help you to keep your heart healthy. Do not panic in difficult situations as it would not solve your problem, just be cool and think upon a solution to that problem.

10.     Social interaction

Talking to people at work or at home would help you to reduce your daily stress. Meeting your loved ones and having fun with them will make you feel comfortable and happy. You should develop a habit of social interactions. Share your problems with your close friends and relatives, maybe they can provide you with a proper solution.

Being energetic is simple if you work properly on the above mentioned ways. The key for being energetic is to be happy. Just stay energized and teach people how to be energetic.


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